Why Dexter?

An American manufacturer since 1818.


We’ve learned many lessons since we started in 1818. Everything
from remembering to watch our fingers to how to perfectly
balance our knives and tools. One thing we’ve known from jump
street, though: There are many knives out there. Our customers
choose our knives, and because they do, we honor the
responsibility that comes with it.

The vast majority of our knives and tools—including more than
1,000 unique styles—are made by about 250 craftspeople in
Massachusetts. And the craft of knifemaking is one that our
family has darn-near perfected by combining tradition with technique
and modern technology. Oh, and over 200 years of

DEXSTEEL™ is our proprietary high-carbon, high-alloy stainless
steel. DEXSTEEL™ includes a finer grain structure which enhances
edge sharpness and durability. Giving you an out-of-the-box
sharp knife that will last years.

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