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This Pizzeria Owner Has Tried ‘Every Pizza Cutter Imaginable,’ and This Is His Absolute Favorite


An essential tool for enjoying pizza at home.



This Pizzeria Owner Has Tried ‘Every Pizza Cutter Imaginable,’ and This Is His Absolute Favorite Tout




Pizza has earned its reputation as the ultimate take-out dinner, and making pizza at home is just as fun. An instant crowd pleaser that even the pickiest of eaters agree is delicious, everybody loves pizza. You don’t need many tools to make the most out of your pizza other than your hands, but there is one product that you should have handy: a pizza cutter. And if you think the one you have now is doing the job fine, Aaron McCann, the owner of Williamsburg Pizza, has news for you.


There is such a thing as an elite pizza cutter, and you need one. McCann says he’s tried “every pizza cutter imaginable,” and the absolute best version that he’s tried is Dexter pizza cutter — and right now you can grab one on sale for $24.This is the pizza cutter that McCann uses both at home and in the pizzeria. While there are some options out there that are less expensive, he argues that you want to spring for the Dexter. “It cuts cleanly every time without tearing the crust,” McCann says. That means less strain on your hands and wrist as you cut through dough, cheese, and toppings to achieve that uniform triangular slice — and no more breaking out the scissors, as I have done many times before when the pizza cutter’s blade is too dull.


Thanks to what McCann calls a “thicker, denser blade,” this durable pizza cutter can also “withstand years of use,” whereas the less expensive models with flimsier blades “fall apart in the home kitchen after a short period of time,” according to McCann.At Williamsburg Pizza, which is consistently hailed as one of the best pizzerias in Brooklyn, hundreds of pies come out of the oven every day. McCann estimates that one of the Dexter pizza cutters can handle up to a year of daily use — that’s as many 100,000 pizzas in total. Most people won’t need to slice up that many pies, but once a kitchen tool is proven reliable by the professionals, you know it’s worth using in your own kitchen.If pizza is a staple dinner in your family’s life, whether it’s homemade or delivery, a pizza cutter that gets perfect slices on the table fast is inarguably a must-have. The Dexter pizza cutter is professional pizza-maker approved — add it to your cart while it’s on a rare sale.


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