S360-7 360® 7″ Santoku Knife


Product Description : Our 360® 7″ Santoku delivers both power and precision at the same time. Well-balanced, sharp as can be, and comfortable to hold, this knife can be used for everything from cutting potatoes to breaking down a chicken with a single downward cut. The durable blade with super-sharp edge, made of long-lasting, stain-free, high-carbon steel, will retain it sharpness for precision cutting and exceptional results. With an easy to hold, durable, non-slip grip handle with added protective finger guard, that matches the contours of the hand for safe and accurate cuts. (#36004)



  • SKU: 36004X
  • Weight: 0.45
  • Width: 5.13
  • Depth: 0.02
  • Height: 17.88
  • Product Number: 360-7PCP

Product Details