P94801 BASICS® 8″ Cook’s Knife


Product Description : Whether you do most of your cooking at home or in a commercial kitchen, every chef needs a good cook’s knife. Our BASICS® 8” Cook’s Knife is perfect for a wide array of tasks in the kitchen, including slicing, mincing, dicing, disjointing, and more. The curved makes several of these tasks easy to do with just a simple back and forth rocking motion. The long blade makes it great for tackling larger foods like big cuts of meat, melons, and more. We also have a 10” version for those who would prefer a longer blade. Imported. (#31600)



  • SKU: 31600X
  • Weight: 401
  • Height: 13
  • Product Number: P94801

Product Details

  • NSF Certified

    Meets the standards adopted by NSF International®

  • Individually Ground Blade

    Individually honed and ground blade ensures the highest sharpness

  • Enhanced Grain Structure

    Blade is heat-treated and cooled to precise temperatures to enhance grain structure and maximize performance

  • Safety Features

    Slip resistant handle with fingerguard helps avoid accidental slips and cuts in the kitchen

  • Washing Instructions

    Hand-washing and sanitizing is recommended to best preserve the blade