KG6 6 ⅛” x 1″ Edge Guard, Narrow


Product Description : If you are guilty of simply tossing knives into your kitchen drawer without a second thought, then our Knife Guard will change your life. Designed to accommodate knives 6 ⅛” x 1” in size, this Knife Guard will ensure organization and safety when it comes to your cutlery drawers. Injuring yourself when reaching to grab a knife from a drawer can quickly turn an exciting evening into a disaster. For this reason, we crafted our Knife Guard using a one-piece polypropylene construction, which includes a non-scratch inner lining for added protection. Not only will you be protecting yourself from nicks and cuts with this product, but you also increase the life of a knife’s blade, minimizing the effects of wear and tear that can result from storing a knife loosely in a drawer. (#83101)


  • SKU: 83101
  • Weight: 0.04
  • Product Number: KG6

Product Details

  • Washing Instructions

    Hand-washing and sanitizing is recommended to best preserve the blade