KG4 4″ x 1″ Edge Guard, Narrow


Product Description : The 4″ x 1″ Knife Guard is a must-have for your cutlery drawer. Created for the purpose of increasing kitchen safety as well as the life of your blade, the polypropylene construction of this product includes a soft, scratch-resistant lining for maximum blade protection for short, narrow knives. When knives are stored in your kitchen drawers without a protective layer over the sharp edge, you risk the chance of accidental injury every time you reach to grab a knife. However, with the addition of the Knife Guard, the possibility of injury ceases altogether; the knife can remain concealed until it’s ready to use. So, do not let your upcoming dinner be ruined by a severe cut—often caused by uncovered, loose knives in your cutlery drawer. Instead, cook and prepare food confidently by adding a Knife Guard to your kitchen equipment. (#83100)


  • SKU: 83100
  • Weight: 0.03
  • Product Number: KG4

Product Details

  • Washing Instructions

    Hand-washing and sanitizing is recommended to best preserve the blade