iCUT-PRO® 9½” Heavy Duty Kitchen Shears


Product Description : Every home and especially commercial kitchen should have a good set of kitchen shears, such as our BASICS® 9 ½” Heavy Duty Kitchen Shears. These shears are designed with durability in mind so that they can tackle everything from trimming herbs to breaking down poultry. They can also be great for cutting bacon, dried fruit, pizza, quesadillas, and much more. The blades are detachable, which makes for easy washing, maintenance, and replacement when needed. Imported. (#19920)


  • SKU: 19920
  • Product Number: PS01-CP

Product Details

  • Safety Features

    Slip resistant handle with fingerguard helps avoid accidental slips and cuts in the kitchen

  • Washing Instructions

    Hand-washing and sanitizing is recommended to best preserve the blade