iCUT-PRO® 10″ Forged Chef’s Knife


Product Description : Every kitchen needs a good chef knife that is their go to for food prep and our iCUT-PRO® 10″ Forged Chef’s Knife is perfect for the job. The large blade on this knife makes it great for chopping, dicing, mincing, and much more. The ergonomic handle fits nicely in the hand and helps to prevent hand fatigue. If you prefer a smaller blade, we also have an 8″ version available. (#30404)


  • SKU: 30404
  • Weight: 642
  • Height: 145
  • Product Number: 30404

Product Details

  • NSF Certified

    Meets the standards adopted by NSF International®

  • Individually Ground Blade

    Individually honed and ground blade ensures the highest sharpness

  • Enhanced Grain Structure

    Blade is heat-treated and cooled to precise temperatures to enhance grain structure and maximize performance

  • Safety Features

    Slip resistant handle with fingerguard helps avoid accidental slips and cuts in the kitchen

  • Washing Instructions

    Hand-washing and sanitizing is recommended to best preserve the blade