EDGE-1 SANI-SAFE® EZ Edge Hand-Held Knife Sharpener


Product Description : Designed for daily upkeep, our EZ Edge Hand Held Knife Sharpener is an excellent addition to your arsenal. Intended for quick edge repairs, this lightweight sharpener is compact and easy to carry wherever you go. The Tungsten Carbide cutting heads are positioned at the right angle to make for quick and easy resharpening. It typically takes only 3 to 4 strokes and your knife will be ready to go again. The easy to clean handle features a finger guard for protection, a thumb rest for comfort, and an ambidextrous design so you can sharpen with either hand. It is recommended to use this sharpener regularly to keep knives maintained. (#7920)


  • SKU: 7920
  • Weight: 3
  • Width: 4
  • Depth: 1
  • Height: 6
  • Product Number: EDGE-1

Product Details

  • Washing Instructions

    Hand-washing and sanitizing is recommended to best preserve the blade