S290RC SANI-SAFE® 3” Pan Scraper


Product Description : It can be a lot of work to cook a large meal and it can leave a large mess of pots, plates, and pans. Unfortunately, pans specifically can end up with a lot of stuck on grease, grime, and food, which is where our Dexter SANI-SAFE® 3” Pan Scraper can help. This tool is designed to help get under all of the grease and remnants to get it off much more easily. The pan scraper can be used first on dirty pans to get a majority of the visible grease and food off, which will make washing and scrubbing a breeze. (#17313)


  • SKU: 17313
  • Weight: 0.5
  • Height: 7.5
  • Product Number: S290RC-PCP

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