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X751 2″ Heavy Blade Linoleum Knife


Product Description : If you work with flooring and other finish materials regularly, then our 2″ Heavy Blade Linoleum Knife is for you. The heavy-duty blade makes it easy to cut and score linoleum, sheet mica, and more. This knife has also been favored by linemen for stripping wires. The handle is designed to fit nicely in your hand and remain comfortable during use. (#52120)


  • SKU: 52120
  • Weight: 0.08
  • Height: 5.5
  • Product Number: X751

Product Details

  • Made in the U.S.A.

    Made in the United States of America

  • Individually Ground Blade

    Individually honed and ground blade ensures the highest sharpness

  • Enhanced Grain Structure

    Blade is heat-treated and cooled to precise temperatures to enhance grain structure and maximize performance

  • Washing Instructions

    Hand-washing and sanitizing is recommended to best preserve the blade